Bots for all use cases.

Optimize With AI Bots

Use, build and optimize AI bots for any use case. Create better AI solutions that integrate with multiple AI engines through theUnltd AI platform.

Multiple AI engines
Images, text, and video (coming soon!). One platform for all of the AI engines. Switch between bots effortlessly and create better AI content, faster.
Custom bots
Build your own bots to satisfy specific use cases. Our bot builder makes it easy to create custom AI for all requirements.
API + platform integrations
Developer? Shopify or Wordpress admin? Seemlessly integrate AI into your existing applications using our API and apps.
Free and pro accounts
Try Unltd AI for free! Upgrade to a pro account for more features when you're ready.

Pre-built Bots

Here are some bots that we've already built using the Unltd AI platform.

We're building new bots everyday, but don't let our imagination hold you back. Build your own custom bots from your Unltd AI dashboard. The possibilities are endless!