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Tap into the power of multiple AI models in a unified platform. Create custom tools on top of the latest AI models and boost your business efficiencies by a factor of 10. Rapidly experiment and iterate using the Unltd AI web app or seamlessly integrate with our API.

Multiple AI engines
All AI models at your fingertips. Images, text, and soon video, all on a single platform.
Build custom AI tools
Create custom AI tools for your business that harness the full potential of state-of-the-art AI models. No AI expertise needed.
No code + API solution
Quickly deploy and iterate your AI ideas with our web app. Ready to build? Seemlessly integrate our API into your existing applications.
Free and pro accounts
Try Unltd AI for free! When you're ready, upgrade to a pro account for more features and greater value.

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Just looking? We have a free PAYG plan! Try Unltd AI and upgrade to a pro plan for access to more features plus better value credits.


Pay as you go

  • $0.03 / credit
  • Free bots
  • Custom bots

$0.00 / PAYG


  • $0.01 / credit
  • Free bots
  • Custom bots
  • Custom models

$29.00 / month

Our Clients Speak

Why do our clients love using Unltd AI so much?


Most AI's struggle to create compelling images, and if they do, they're only good for one style. Unltd AI makes switching between stylized engines a breeze. I won't use anything else.




I write long-format content for my own stores and clients' too. Unltd AI's editor is the best I've used - it makes editing and formatting so much easier.


Topdown Media


Most of our clients want AI capabilities in some form or another. Unltd AI's API is flexible and able to satisfy all of their use-cases so far. It's a no-brainer for any dev.



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